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tv   Presidential Endorsement Speech  CSPAN  July 17, 2016 12:06am-12:16am EDT

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[applause] applause]d
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[applause] to the hard-fought 2016 primary season is over. with historic conventions to follow this summer. >> colorado, florida, texas, ohio. >> watch c-span as the delegates consider the nomination of the first woman ever to have a
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villager just to have a political party and the first non-politician in several decades. watch live on c-span. missing on the c-span radio app or get video on demand at you have a front row seat to every minute of both conventions on c-span. beginning on monday. >> before the 1952 election, dwight eisenhower had a long military career that included spearheading the d-day invasion in normandy during world war ii, and becoming nato's first supreme allied commander for europe. in his pastor the presidency, eisenhower would go on to defeat experienced politicians from both political parties, including ohio senator robert taft, seeking the republican nomination. and later illinois governor atli stephenson, who was the democratic nominee in the general election.. they look at how dwight at thewer's nomination
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public and national convention in chicago was portrayed by the news media in 1952. >> the republican party presents a united front following the bitterly contested 25th convention. we saw general eisenhower win over senator taft on the first ballot. 845-280. the two chief rivals clashed at a symbol of party harmony after the centers announced that he will in which is -- the senator announced that he relinquishes presidential aspirations. the general has become it mr. eisenhower, following his resignation from the army. senator of california pays tribute to the vice presidential nominee. >> and i wish to say to you that i know of no person who could have been selected for this high position and high honor by the republican party of the nation than the my junior colleague,
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senator richard nixon of california. [applause] dwight's running mate is probably the youngest vice president of candidate in history. senator richard nixon is only 39 years old. [applause] the vice presidential nominee receives the accolades supreme from his attractive wife. but the high moment of the convention approaches as those nominated by mrs. eisenhower strides towards the speaker stand to make his speech. the climax of many months through which the general held his fire as commander of the nato armies in europe. for the first time he stands
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before the american public as a civilian seeking the highest political office in the land. after 40 years of distinguished army service in which he was the architect of victory in world war ii, she brings to the party of his choice a new leadership. that is nominated as a popular one also by the acclaimed one before-- want ike. chanting] >> 1200 delegates once divided, now at the convention's choice. doing a crusade in europe he stands on the eve of a political crusade on the home front. an excited convention awaits the official acceptance speech of the men who challenges the new crusade. youadies and gentlemen,
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have some intimate on behalf of millions of your fellow americans delete a great crusade. a great crusade for freedom in america's and freedom in the world. i know something of the solemn responsibility of leading a crusade. i have led one. [applause] i take up this task therefore in the spirit of the obligation. burdens and ofe its decisive importance, i accept your summons. i will leave this crusade. -- lead this crusade. [cheers] >> our aims, the aims of this republican crusade are clear. to sweep from office an administration which has
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fastened on everyone of us the wastefulness, th arrogancee and corruption in high places that any burden and anxieties which are the bitter fruit of a party too long in power. [applause] to achieve these aims, we must have total victory. we must have more republicans in our state and local offices. more republicans in our state. [applause] a republican majority in the united states and in the u.s. senate and of course, a republican in the white house. [cheers and applause] >> republican hopes soar with
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the nomination of their two new standardbearers. c-span makes it easy for you to keep up with all the latest convention developments with the c-span radio app. available as a free download from the apple app store or google play. get audio coverage of every minute of the convention as well as schedule information about imported speeches and events. get c-span on the go with the c-span radio app. doler kansas senator bob has endorsed donald trump for president of the selection year,. next, his own candidacy in 1996 when he challenged incumbent president bill clinton. that year, senator dole would resign from the senate and his role in majority leader to focus on the presidential race. he would go on to win the republican nomination, but lose in the general election. . his speech at the gop convention
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in san diego. it is about one hour. ♪


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